Mountain Whimsy started as a place to share my personal project, travels, and musings.  Over the years, as my interests have evolved, so has Mountain Whimsy.  My project work now focuses almost entirely on lutherie, focusing on building custom guitars and guitar repairs out of Bozeman, Montana, though I do dabble in other stringed instruments if the opportunity arises.  My day job still focuses on environmental studies using spatial analytic (GIS) techniques and custom mapping.  The guitar work provides the tactile, hands-on experience that I lack with my mainly computer-based work.  The Yin to the Yang….or is it the other way around?



 Custom guitars, mandolins, ukes and instrument repair.  Check out my new web site for Mountain Whimsy Custom Guitars!

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Boats, furniture, surfboards, etc.

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 Travel, thoughts on the world, misc.

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