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  • 38K in the Bangtails

    By Tony on July 8, 2013
    The 4AM alarm was almost too much to handle.  The only reason for getting up so early is to climb a mountain either before the noon thunderstorms hit or the sun turns the snow into wet mashed potatoes.  But my carpool was picking me up at 5AM and still I needed to eat, tape my feet, load my gear, slather […]
  • After the Storm….Boulder River Watershed

    By Tony on July 2, 2013
    For my wife and me, perhaps our favorite time in the mountains is when we are tucked in a safe shelter and a thunderstorm rolls through.  The sounds of thunder echoing back and forth between the valley walls is something you can only experience in person.  No words can describe it.  And after the storm clears the world can be […]