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  • DIY Drum Sander

    By Tony on December 29, 2013
    My folks have gone home after a wonderful visit. Skiing is less than stellar right now.  None of my clients are responding to emails.  So that adds up to shop time! I stepped back from trying to hand thickness the last set of acoustic sides, not to mention the three sets of backs and sound boards, in order to make […]
  • Acoustic Guitar Side Bending

    By Tony on December 2, 2013
    With a little extra time on my hands over the holiday I decided to jump in to my latest builds. This winter’s project will be three acoustic builds: a Gibson-style 0-28VS Parlor, a Taylor-style GS-Mini, and another OM (probably with a florentine cutaway).  Two, and perhaps all three will be made with this Chechen wood. Here’s a couple of shots […]