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By Tony on December 4, 2014 in Acoustic Guitar Building, Guitar Building, Uncategorized, Woodworking

Here’s the latest from the shop.


I finished up the OM guitar a few weeks ago.  I had no idea how this guitar would turn out.  I was pretty sure that it would look great, but had no inkling what it would sound like.  The Chechen back and sides were even more stiff than the parlor guitar that also used Chechen.  The parlor guitar was so bright I had to put silk wound strings on it to even out the sound.  I was expecting this one to be even brighter.





As it turned out, it is bright, but not overwhelming.  I think the larger body size is helping fill in the low end and adding balance.  I did put Martin FX phosphor bronze strings on it.  And this helped take some of the edge off the treble.  Overall, I’m pleased.  When strummed hard, it really opens up and finds its voice.

If I ever use Chechen as a tone wood again I will thin it out by about 15-20%.

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  1. Papa December 4, 2014 Reply

    Tony: beautiful (as always)!

    Anxious to hear it.


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