Broad Reach

By Tony on November 20, 2015 in Boats, Melonseeds, Musings, Nature, Uncategorized

Broad Reach

Cries of loons and children’s laughter
Drift across the water
Oil slick glassy
In the evening light

Disconnected, ethereal
Above the low drum
Of crab boats
Across the bay

Soft caress of water
Molecules displaced by bellied hull
Pregnant with expectations
Of coming storms

Vesper ripples inky water
Fragmenting inverted images
Autumn gold
Against turquoise sky

Slack canvas slowly fills
Lines lift in solemn reply
Driftwood awakens
For the broad reach home

-Tony Thatcher

(Impressions from a late fall sail with Mom in the Melonseed on Ball’s Creek, Neavitt, MD)


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  1. Peter Thatcher November 22, 2015 Reply

    We want more!

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