There is nothing like a boat to inspire the imagination.  And building one challenges just about every skill in a woodworker’s arsenal.  I have built three boats to date and enjoyed every one of them.  I’ve learned a lot of tips, tricks, and skills along the way.  Each boat gets easier in one way, but poses new challenges as I take on more complex tasks, add details, or simply need a new approach to a design.

img_1441On occasion I will take on some boat repairs for others if it fits in with my other projects.  Please feel free to contact me ( if you are in the southwest Montana area and need some repairs or refinish on a wood boat, oars, or other  item.  I don’t charge an arm and a leg.  Just materials and enough to make it worth my time and pay for the next trip or project.  I’d even consider a commissioned build if the right project came along.