While I am relatively new to lutherie, my years of woodworking experience have allowed me to step into this wonderful world of guitars in a way that goes beyond the joy of playing.  I started with the intent of simply making a couple of guitars for myself because I could not afford the guitars that I liked on the wall of the local shop.  One guitar has led to the next and since I don’t have room for all the guitars I have in my head, I now find myself building for others who appreciate my work.

I’m also happy to take on setups and repairs, as they help my build my skills and knowledge of what goes into a truly great guitar.  Since this is a hobby for me, I’m happy to take on the sorts of repairs for low cost that usually just don’t make sense to do.  Saving a treasured instrument is a worthwhile cause in my book.

I take on a few big projects each year.  So if you are interested in having a custom guitar made, or have an instrument in need of repair, shoot me an email and we can talk.  Or, check to see if I have anything already for sale.

Parlor Guitar

A classic parlor-style guitar based on the OOO-28VS body size.  12 frets to the neck and a slightly shorter scale length at 24.9, make this a sensitive guitar to play, while the 4″ body depth give it plenty of volume.

Parlor Guitar

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In 2017, I added a couple of mandolin models to my repertoire – an Army/Navy-style and an octave mandolin.


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OM Guitar

Versatile, easy to play, comfortable – this is my go to guitar for daily playing.  Cutaway or full-body versions available.


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Archtop Custom

It’s hard not to love the look of a classic archtop.  Here’s my take on a L-5 body size, but multi-scale.


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Based on the Taylor GS-Mini.  23.5″ scale, but still has the body at the 14th fret.  A great travel guitar!


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Anything from a basic setup, to a broken headstock, to installing a pickup.  I take on repairs for low cost to help build my knowledge and skills.


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Shop Stuff

Jigs, tools, videos, and other cool shop stuff.


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