Over the last several years, my guitar building and repair business has taken on a small life of its own.  Requests for custom instruments and repairs have finally compelled me to create a web site specifically for my lutherie work.

I’ll continue to leave the guitar pages on this site available, and perhaps even add a page from time to time if a particularly interesting project comes along.  Otherwise, please check out Mountain Whimsy Custom Guitars.

Mountain Whimsy Custom Guitars

Parlor Guitar

A classic parlor-style guitar based on the OOO-28VS body size.  12 frets to the neck and a slightly shorter scale length at 24.9, make this a sensitive guitar to play, while the 4″ body depth give it plenty of volume.

Parlor Guitar

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In 2017, I added a couple of mandolin models to my repertoire – an Army/Navy-style and an octave mandolin.


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OM Guitar

Versatile, easy to play, comfortable – this is my go to guitar for daily playing.  Cutaway or full-body versions available.


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Archtop Custom

It’s hard not to love the look of a classic archtop.  Here’s my take on a L-5 body size, but multi-scale.


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Based on the Taylor GS-Mini.  23.5″ scale, but still has the body at the 14th fret.  A great travel guitar!


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Anything from a basic setup, to a broken headstock, to installing a pickup.  I take on repairs for low cost to help build my knowledge and skills.


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Shop Stuff

Jigs, tools, videos, and other cool shop stuff.


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